Zeist, Slot Zeist and Center, evening photo workshop

Target audience:
No specific requirements. For those who know and can apply the basic setting of the camera; for the creative, architectural and landscape photographers. During this workshop you are completely free to apply your own technique and to determine your own pace. If you like double exposure or want practical tips from me: no problem. Do you want to learn how to apply double exposures: unfortunately this is a good process, so you can not learn during a workshop.

€ 44 p.p.

Dates and times:
Saturday, 17 November 2018: 16:00 to 19:30

Saturday, 15 December 2018: 15:30 to 19:00

Number of participants:
min 4 max 8

Walking distance:
2,5 - 3,5 km

Your camera and accessories, wide-angle lens, tripod, good walking shoes and clothing, adapted to the weather, flashlight / light. Possibly filters (ND, Stoppers, Polarization etc.).

Meeting place:
The foyer of Hotel Theater Figi


With public transport: bus stops at the Rond / 1e Dorpsstraat from Utrecht Central (bus platform C4): buses 50 and 51. Travel time +/- 25 minutes. From Driebergen train station: buses 50, 51 and 71. Travel time: +/- 10 minutes. The walking distances from the bus stop to the meeting point are less than 3 minutes.
By car: A12 Utrecht-Arnhem, exit 20, keep direction Zeist (N225), after about 3.5 km you enter Zeist via the Driebergseweg. After the traffic lights you will come to an intersection. On the right is Hotel Figi.
Parking: Paid parking is possible in parking garage Figi opposite the town hall or at the town hall above ground (until 6 pm paid parking then free). Free parking is possible on the parking lot next to Slot Zeist on the Zinzendorflaan. Navigation: the Brewery. This is a 5-10 minute walk from Hotel-Theater Figi. You drive on the front of Slot Zeist, where you will be sent to the left, the parking area will automatically show itself.

Zeist, the Castle City, still has a village character in the center, numerous monumental buildings, sizzling nature in the immediate vicinity (Utrechtse Heuvelrug) and of course the complex: Slot Zeist. Slot Zeist is one of the most beautiful and best preserved 17th century outdoor spaces on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. The derelict medieval castle was bought by Willem Adriaan in 1677 and was designed by Jacob Roman in Dutch Classicism. The complex went along with modern times: congresses, meetings, theater performances, art exhibitions, weddings and even television programs (the statements of the driving judge and some episodes of Tussen Kunst and Kitsch)! The beautiful artworks abound in the garden and in the castle. To the left and right of the driveway to the castle are the buildings of the Evangelische Broedergemeente (Broeder- en Zusterplein).
The Town Hall on the 1e Dorpsstraat was built in neo-Baroque style in 1887 and was subsequently rebuilt / expanded three times. In addition to the town hall, the Walkart Park is decorated with many works of art.
The park is more than 100 years old. Both the post office and the town hall (diagonally opposite each other) were designed by J. Stuivinga. The post office is now a café with a terrace.

Our walk takes us alongside the aforementioned places and buildings, also past the transverse houses and the former main building of the Gero factory (established as MJ Gerritsen & Co.) in the Karpervijver, the former head office of insurance bank de Kosmos and the former switching station of the PUEM.
This part of Zeist is very green and not too big: it feels like people are walking in a village.
Via the 2e Dorpsstraat we arrive at our starting point and finish our photo walk.

You can not ask me about complicated settings of a digital camera as I have no experience with them. I like to help you with questions about composition, technology and use of lenses / filters. 

Maybe see you soon!

With best regards,

Zoltán Pásztor

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