Utrecht Science Park, afternoon / evening photo workshop

Target audience:
No specific requirements. For those who know and can apply the basic setting of the camera; for the creative, architectural and landscape photographers. During this workshop you are completely free to apply your own technique and to determine your own pace. If you like double exposure or want practical tips from me: no problem. Do you want to learn how to apply double exposures: unfortunately this is a good process, so you can not learn during a workshop.

€ 44 p.p.

Dates and times:

Saturday, 3 November 2018: 15:30 to 19:00 pm

Saturday, 1 december 2018: 15:30 to 19:00 pm

Number of participants:
min 4 max 8

Walking distance:
2,5 - 3,5 km

Your camera and accessories, wide-angle lens, tripod, good walking shoes and clothing, adapted to the weather, flashlight / light. Possibly filters (ND, Stoppers, Polarization etc.).

Meeting place:
Bus stop UMC from the city

Access by public transport: from Utrecht Central bus 28 (platform G1). Travel time: +/- 25 minutes. By car (paid, € 4.69): parking at P + R De Uithof. From Utrecht, take the A28, and follow the signs for De Uithof / UMC. From Amersfoort, take the A28 and follow the signs for De Uithof / UMC. Turn off at exit number 2. In De Uithof choose the destination Uppsalalaan, which is the first road on the right. Follow signs: P + R De Uithof.

The Utrecht Science Park (USP) is a location for many innovative companies and offers accommodation for the University of Utrecht. The famous Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is also located here. The USP is one of my favorite places in Utrecht: a small town that is constantly changing, very fascinating in terms of architecture, and lies between beautiful nature reserves (including Amelisweerd and Landgoed Oostbroek). It is a privilege that I can work in such a vibrant and inspiring place in my daily life. The bike ride from Zeist to the USP via the Bisschopweg is an earthly paradise, especially in the autumn and in the spring with the magnificent sunrises and sunsets. The silhouettes of the buildings in the background are fascinating contrasts between nature and top architecture.
The Princess Maxima Center, the new (delayed) tram line, the Genmab Research Center, the Nutricia Research Center, Casa Confetti, Johanna, The Bishops?
These are all sustainable buildings with fantastic architecture.
In this 3.5-hour photo session you have the opportunity to see them all and photograph them.

You can not ask me about complicated settings of a digital camera as I have no experience with them. I like to help you with questions about composition, technology and use of lenses / filters. 
I will photograph with you wherever possible.

Maybe see you soon!

With best regards,
Zoltán Pásztor


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