Utrecht Central Station and surroundings, evening photo workshop

Target audience:
No specific requirements. For those who know and can apply the basic setting of the camera; for the creative, architectural and landscape photographers. During this workshop you are completely free to apply your own technique and to determine your own pace. If you like double exposure or want practical tips from me: no problem. Do you want to learn how to apply double exposures: unfortunately this is a long process, so you cannot learn during a workshop.

€ 44 p.p.

Dates and times:

Saturday, 29 September 2018: 16:30 to 20:00

Saturday, 10 November 2018: 16:00 to 19:30

Saturday, 8 December 2018: 15.30 to 19.00

Number of participants:
min 4 max 8

Walking distance:
1 km

Your camera and accessories, wide-angle lens, tripod, good walking shoes and clothing, adapted to the weather, flashlight / light. Possibly filters (ND, Stoppers, Polarization etc.).

Meeting place:
Utrecht Central Station: Utrecht Central Station: Stationshal at the top of track 21, the stairs to bus platform D, at the window.

Utrecht Centraal is the vibrant heart of the rail network in the Netherlands. The patience with the construction has paid off. The station is now clearly and recognisably separate from Hoog Catharijne. The huge station hall has an impressive line play both inside and out because of the corrugated roof. Especially it is a very nice view from the Moreelse Bridge (the bicycle and walkway that connects the Croeselaan and the Moreelsepark). The bridge runs over the tracks of Utrecht Central. The Moreelse Bridge is constructed without stairs to the lower train platforms. Take this into account when installing: if desired, the stairs can still be installed. There is a very striking appearance on Stationsplein: the Bollendak or the Bubble Cloud. It is a tall, iconic glove roof with transparent plastic spheres on top. It can be called a small Utrecht wonder of the world: it is high, impressive and the nearly 500-tonne roof only supports seven pillars. The bulbs can be called better cushions: they are made of thin transparent foil and inflated like a balloon (plastic was too heavy). The cushions consist of two to five layers of recycled ETFE film, originally developed for space travel. They are kept under constant tension by compressors.

You cannot ask me about complicated settings of a digital camera as I have no experience with them. I like to help you with questions about composition, technology and use of lenses / filters. I will photograph with you wherever possible.

Maybe see you soon!

With best regards,

Zoltán Pásztor

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